MSLP, IDOI | Today’s Stock Watchlist

Muscle Pharm Corp MSLP

Our first alert of MSLP was on the 22nd. On Wednesday, MSLP reached a high of .0358. That’s a whopping 377% gain from its recent low of .0075.
The stock traded all-time record volume for the second consecutive day as well, with over 106,000,000 shares changing hands.
MSLP was also featured in a stock spotlight on Stock Traders Talk’s  evening radio show.

IDO Security, Inc. IDOI

We’ve been following IDOI for quite some time, and for awhile now, we’ve been anticipating the possibility of seeing some promotions on the stock. Our hunch finally proved to be accurate, as we have begun to see some newsletter coverage trickling in.
We initially called IDOI on Feb 16th, after which time the stock has been as low as .37. Last week, we saw a new high of .529, an overall possible gain of 43%  Following that point it pulled back to .45, while maintaining over 50% of its prior gains, and then closed at .50 yesterday.

So while we’ve enjoyed some real playability on IDOI thus far, we are anxious to see what a round of promotions can do in the way of adding to our already satisfying gains.