ICPA, TLON & Today’s Extended Watchlist

We’d like to extend a big welcome to all of our new subscribers! Get ready for a new way of doing things! You made a great choice in signing on with us, and will soon notice that we’re not your average stock newsletter. We provide our readers with play after play, day after day, with little regard for our own interests. All we really care about is bringing you the best product we can, through careful coverage of many stocks at once. More often than not, we cover these stocks for long periods of time, waiting for just the right moment. Take our first mention today, ICPA. We have been on this one for a very long time, and have had our patience rewarded highly on more than one occasion as a result:

IC Places, Inc. ICPA

Our first mention of ICPA in the newsletter came on January 9th. At the time, the stock was trading as low as .0008, and since that time, the stock has provided us with many opportunities to gain as the one year chart shows.

At one point in the beginning of May, a high of .0585 was attained, however the nature of trading on this stock has given us the chance to rake in more than just the astonishing gain from triple-zero range to a nickel. Subsequent to that run, the stock pulled back to find support in the .02’s only to turn around and hit the nickel-range once again. ICPA has been a veritable cash cow for us at times, so our newest members will become familiar with this stock.

After another recent pullback in late June, we saw support form at the 200DMA (.0112).  ICPA now has broken the 100DMA at .0185, which we’d like to see become the new support. .


Talon Therapeutics, Inc. TLON

We picked up on this upcoming FDA play, and wanted to pass it along to you today. TLON is likely to become a target for many investors as we approach August 12, the company’s FDA PDUFA for their Phase III drug candidate Marqibo.

Some of you will remember ARNA, a recent FDA play that we covered quite successfully. The stock ran into its approval date, and scored approval, along with a serious surge in PPS. (5.44-13.50 in just about a month and a half)

If TLON enjoys even a fraction of the success garnered by ARNA, we’re in for quite a ride in coming weeks.


Extended Watchlist:
CLSP, NGSX (Bottom Bouncer), AAPT