Happy Holidays! Putting a Cap on a Good Week


Before we do our wrap-up for the week we’d just like to wish all of our readers the very best, no matter which holidays you choose to celebrate for the season! We appreciate all of our readers, and will continue to work hard to try to bring you interesting ideas, or just a different way of looking at things. It’s been a great year, and we’re looking forward to what the next one has in store. Good tidings and cheers to every last one of you!

Another Options Clean Sweep:

We made good on all three sets of options ideas we formulated for yesterday morning’s premarket report. Turning in a flawless sheet for the second straight day in a row. The markets dipped, which was good for our bearish targets, and there was at least an attempted recovery toward the second half of the session that provided some good intraday movement for our one bullish idea.

The targets in question were the KMX Weekly $54-52 Puts, the PAYX 01/20 $115-120 Calls, and the MU Weekly $50-48.50 Puts. and as will see below, the potential gains ranged in ascending order from nominal all the way up to excellent. Here’s how the day broke down for us:

KMX Weekly $54-52 Puts
 .65-.93 (+43%)
$53: .39-.55 (+41%)
$52: .35-.65 (+86%)

PAYX 01/20 $115-120 Calls
 .92-2.20 (+139%)
$120: .33-.70 (+112%)

MU Weekly $50-48.50 Puts 
$50: .65-1.62 (+149%)
$49.50: .41-1.15 (+180%)
$49: .24-.81 (+238%)
$48.50: .15-.52 (+246%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
PLAY 01/20 $36-37 Calls

Blue Apron Holdings Inc. APRN:

We’ve also got another update for APRN, which we had just put on people’s radars in yesterday morning’s report. After seeing a low of .75 yesterday, the stock had reached 1.29 her in the premarket, representing a jump of 72% We’ll continue to monitor this stock when we pick things up on Tuesday following the holiday.

Extended Watchlist: