Following Up on Our Recent Winner

C-Bond Systems, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBNT) – Update

This morning, we wanted to take another look at, and provide an update on the recent performance of CBNT. It has been two weeks since we issued our first Special Report on the stock, (>>Read CBNT Report) and we’ve seen some really nice moves over that span.

CBNT was as low as .05 following our initial report on October 2nd, and subsequently reached a high of .1162 this past Thursday. That”s a six-session swing of 132% to the upside, which should come as no surprise to those who read our previous follow-up report on the company seeking third-party valuation, and coming in at way above market price.

CBNT formed a solid bottom on the chart and has been establishing higher lows ever since our initial report, and exhibiting why we were insisting it was such a high potential play. Much of that excitement was also due to the company’s cutting-edge glass-strengthening nanotech, C-Bond NanoShieldTM, which, in third-party studies, has been shown to reduce the costs of windshield repair and replacement by as much as 80%

Growth potential in CBNT‘s market itself is also extremely high. Virtually all major car manufacturers have vowed to equip all new vehicles with automatic emergency breaking systems within the next few years. This is just one component of advanced driver assistance systems (aka ADAS), which require all manner of sensors, many of which are located in or on the windshield. ADAS-equipped windshields can cost upwards of $1500 to replace, and those costs are expected to rise considerably, making the strengthening of same, a high priority for insurers and car owners alike.

That’s just another reason that we will be interested in continuing our coverage of this intriguing nanotech play, which has already provided our readers with the opportunity for near-term gains of over 100% in just a couple weeks!

Stay tuned for further updates, or visit for more information on CBNT.