CHTP, LBSR, XCLL, ACI & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Chelsea Therapeutics International, Ltd. CHTP

CHTP appeared on our Extended Watchlist on Tuesday after we saw a large gap-down occurring pre-market. The stock saw a low of .70 where it found support, only to turn around to hit .9399, for a possible intraday gain of 34%

After our first day of following CHTP, we like what we see. We are going to monitor this one with a more long-term approach.


LBSR was added as a momentum play on Tuesday, the stock came out of the gate stong, running 28% intraday from .039 to .049, before consolidating and closing out the day at .037.

The volume we saw on Tuesday certainly validated our classifying the stock as a momentum play. Should the momentum continue, it is likely that we will see additional opportunities to rake in a profit.


XcelMobility Inc. XCLL

Our call of XCLL on Tuesday landed us a spot on Penny Stock Rumble’s top gainers list, a feat we have now accomplished twice in as many weeks.

XCLL was a great call for us. We swooped in and caught the stock off of its 52-wk low. On Friday, after our first mention, shares were as cheap as .11. Just three short trading days later, the stock had gone up 150% to close out the day on Tuesday at .25.

According to the chart, the next point of resistance should come at .36. If the stock can’t breach that level, it is likely that we’ll see a pullback.


Arch Coal, Inc. ACI

We called ACI a bottom-fishers dream on June 18th, it was as low as 5.41 a few days following that, and on Tuesday hit a high of 7.63. That marks a gain of 41%


  AAPL (Options- We pointed out the $600 Weekly Calls on Tuesday, they ran from 2.47-4.02, dipped to 2.16, only to close at 3.10. With this type of volatility, there is ample opportunity to pull down substantial gains. )


Extended Watchlist: