BUCS, SUNB, FROI, TRIDQ, CRPZ | Today’s Stock Watchlist

Business Continuity Solutions Inc. BUCS

BUCS made higher lows and higher highs yesterday, as this recovering bottom play begins to look really tempting. There are several factors contributing to the ripeness of this play; as you can see from this video chart.

The next key area of resistance is .03, and following that, there seems to be an awful lot of upside potential. The stock was trading from the .045 to .085 range for the better part of 2011, which is why we consider shares being traded at the current level to be undervalued.

Sunbelt International Corp. SUNB

On Thursday, SUNB experienced the classic “Shaking of the Tree”. After a small gap-up, shares were traded as high as .40.

The inevitable profit-taking caused the stock to dip to .23, scaring off some of the more skittish investors, however, saw it close down just 5% at .36.  Savvy traders who timed the bounce properly will have seen gains upwards of 50%

Tacking that on to the already-triple-digit gains leaves the impression that SUNB is aone of our top stocks for the month of February.

Fero Industries, Inc. FROI

FROI was added to our watchlists back on Dec. 22nd, at the time, trading as low as .0075. That same day, we saw an explosion to its high of .015, for an intraday gain of 100% The close had it up 47% (.011) that day.

From a subsequent low of .0077, to Wednesday’s high of .0118 marks another 53% gained. Currently the MACD is kissing, one of our favorite indications of impending activity.

Trident Microsystems, Inc. TRIDQ

TRIDQ has been undergoing a pullback over the past two trading sessions, as can be expected, following its run from .075, where we called the bottom.

We witnessed 325% in gains since our original alert on Jan 9th. We are going to be watching for the dust to settle, in order to time the next bounce properly.

Convenience TV Inc. CRPZ

CRPZ is trading in an increasingly tighter channel day-by-day. We want to monitor this closely, because you never know when a sudden surge could come in (like last Friday) sending the stock soaring.