Bitcoin Options Really Popping

Bitcoin Options Review

At the beginning of last week, we began to pay much closer attention to bitcoin related plays as the digital currency was passing $28K and heading to new highs. We started by tracking the MARA 01/15 $13-15 Calls that morning, and added more targets to the mix this Monday morning in the form of the MARA Weekly $11-12 Calls and the RIOT Weekly $17-19 Calls. In the case of the latter two, they were our first fresh options ideas of the new trading year, so it’s nice to hit on those.

With Bitcoin surging to new all time highs once again, now trading between $34K and $35K we expect to have to come back yet again and report even further gains, but as of yesterday’s close, here were the excellent gains we had witnessed so far: 

RIOT Weekly $17-19 Calls 
$17: .65-2.24 (+245%)
$18: .52-1.67 (+221%)
$19: .35-1.19 (+240%)

MARA Weekly $11-12 Calls
$11: 1.32-3.90 (+195%)
$12: 1.06-3.25 (+207%)

MARA 01/15 $13-15 Calls
: .80-2.72 (+240%)
$14: .62-2.30 (+270%)
$15: .50-1.95 (+290%)

Extended Watchlist: