Big Time Options Gainers & More

Options Review: 

Our premarket report yesterday morning included three sets of options ideas for our readers based off of the day’s earnings calendar. As our regular readers are surely aware, we like to use the increased price action and volatility that typically comes with a big name earnings drop, to our advantage.

The targets that we were zeroed in on for the day were the CRM Weekly $215-220 Calls, the HPE 03/18 $16 Calls, and the PLUG Weekly $25-26 Calls. All three of those contract sets posted solid numbers on the day, with only one set of PLUG contracts falling just shy of producing double-bag gain opportunities.

Here were the total intraday moves and the highest possible gains that could have been achieved as a result: 

CRM Weekly $215-220 Calls
 .50-2.50 (+400%)
$217.50: .31-1.59 (+413%)
$220: .21-.95 (+352%)

HPE 03/18 $16 Calls
 .55-1.28 (+133%)

PLUG Weekly $25-26 Calls
$25: .58-1.03 (+78%)
$25.50: .39-.87 (+123%)
$26: .25-.54 (+116%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
KR Weekly $49.50-52 Calls
SPLK Weekly $114-116 Calls
BBY Weekly $106-108 Calls

Indonesia Energy Corp. Ltd. INDO – Recap:

We’ve also got an update for our readers this morning on INDO, a stock that we’ve been tagging in our extended watchlists since last Wednesday morning. At that time, we observed a low in the stock of 6.83. Yesterday the stock reached 15.212, marking a rise of 123% and as of this morning’s new premarket high of 23.19, we’ve now seen INDO run 240% in just over a week.

Extended Watchlist: