APDN, BCCI, & Extended Watchlist

After appearing in yesterday morning’s Extended Watchlist, APDN was the most traded stock on the OTC Market, with both the most trades (2340) going off, and the highest dollar volume ($5.5M). The opportunity to make a 31% gain on the day was present .

Back in September, the stock hit a high of .296; that will be a key area of resistance to breach, as a move past there could lead to a blue-sky breakout.

Indicators on the chart would seem to suggest that this is a real possibility.


Baristas Coffee Company Inc. BCCI

While APDN was 1st on the most traded list, BCCI came in at a very respectable 11th. Another stock from yesterday’s watchlist, the stock recorded 306 trades, on just under $200K in dollar volume, while trading over $100K one day prior.

Yesterday, all the indicators on BCCI looked bullish; the RSI, PPO, and Slow STO all got above their 50DMA’s yesterday, showing impressive strength. The PPS cut past the 50 & 100DMA’s like a hot knife through butter. The next key area of resistance will be the 200DMA (.06). Back in March, that .06 mark was a previous support level, as the stock bounced off .061 to run as high as .128. Should BBCI continue its momentum, and break through the .06-.07 range, there should be little resistance on up to those previous highs.


Extended Watchlist: