6 Fresh Ideas, Special Announcement

Wednesday’s Winners, 6 New Ideas:

We swept the board with our options plays in yesterday morning’s premarket report, with all three of the sets of puts that we signaled interest in, making some pretty good moves for us. It was a rather light day for earnings, but that isn’t going to be an issue with the mammoth slate of reporters on the calendar for today.

As for yesterday’s runners, we were tracking the AAP Weekly $83-80 Puts, the CPRI 06/16 $37.50 Puts and the FRO 06/16 $14 Puts, and here are the solid moves the exhibited on the session.

AAP Weekly $83-80 Puts
 6.85-10.00 (+46%)
$82: 3.50-8.94 (+155%)
$81: 3.40-8.00 (+135%)
$80: 2.50-7.44 (+198%)

CPRI 06/16 $37.50 Puts
 1.20-3.20 (+167%)

FRO 06/16 $14 Puts
$14: .80-1.00 (+25%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

We selected a half dozen possible plays today. We wanted to leave things this week on a potentially exciting note, as we will be unable to publish a premarket report tomorrow. It’s extremely rare that we take a trading day off, so it’s not something to which our readers will need to become accustomed. We’ll see everyone bright and early Monday morning to go over these plays and kick off a fresh trading week!

CRM Weekly $215-210 Puts 
CRWD Weekly $145-143 Puts
VEEV 06/16 $175-180 Calls 
OKTA Weekly $75-73 Puts
CHWY Weekly $34-35 Calls
DG Weekly $185-180 Puts 

Extended Watchlist: