Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FPVD Recap & More

Force Protection Video Equipment Corp. FPVD

FPVD found its way back to our reports yesterday morning, and followed up by producing a notable intraday move on the day.

We were afforded the opportunity to realize single-session gains of up to 64% as the stock traded from an early low of .0168, and ran toward the end of the day, achieving a high of .0275 on more than four times the one-month average volume.

We’ll keep a watch over this play as we head through midweek, looking for it to make a run at its next key resistance point at .036, however it will need to maintain support at or above .015 in order to hold our interest.

MarilynJean Interactive, Inc. MJMI

MJMI continues to earn itself mentions in our reports since tagging it for the first time just under two weeks ago. It’s been on a fairly steady climb for the entire time since.

Yesterday the stock traded in a range from .27 on up to another new high at .40. That works out to an intraday gain of 48% which occurred on volume exceeding the monthly average by three times.

From our observed low of .091 which was recorded on the 5th, MJMI has now made an overall increase of 340% and earned itself a continued slot on our working watchlist.

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. AUPH

We also want to make mention of AUPH, which is a stock we’ve noticed starting to make a move off of a recent bottom. We like the chart’s look of rebound potential with a massive gap to fill, so we’ll put this one on the radar as well.

The stock briefly toyed with the 200DMA yesterday, and we’ll be looking for it to make a move back through the channel between there and the 50DMA of 3.03 en route to filling that gap.

Extended Watchlist: