Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SPOM, SRPT Recaps & More

Winning Pick Review

SPO Global, Inc. SPOM
is a subpenny play that appeared in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and we got some good action out of the stock on our first day of tracking. We witnessed a run from .0042-.0058, which marked a respectable 38% pop on more than triple its monthly average trading volume.

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. SRPT – We began talking about SRPT last Wednesday, and cleaned up with a couple of ideas we had for trading weekly options contracts. We tagged it once again in yesterday’s watchlist, and the stock went on to set a new high. It traded in an intraday range from 14.52-18.14 for a 25% gain on the day. The stock is gapping up morning. From our observed low on Wednesday at 10.45, today’s high of 18.80 represents a 80% swing overall.

xG Technology, Inc. XGTI

We’ve tracked this stock in the past, most recently mentioning it in our report on 04/21. It took a few sessions beyond that to see the stock find support at .08, but we’ve seen it inch its way up since, and this morning we witnessed a premarket high of .1751 in the stock.

It marks an upswing of 150% over our observed low, and signals us to pay careful attention in coming sessions.

Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. PTX

PTX is another stock catching our interest after we noticed some abnormal activity on the heels of a large investor boosting his stake in the company while it had simultaneously reached a new 52-week low.

The stock is moving again in the premarket, and will be another worthy candidate for our watchlist as we head into midweek.

The last time one of our tracked plays caught momentum off of a large institutional investor taking up a big position was VLTC. Some of our more seasoned followers will surely remember that stock and the astronomical moves it made in such a situation.

Extended Watchlist:
AWGI, CRDS, CBBT(Abnormal Volume)