Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AXN, JDST Recaps & More

Aoxing Pharmaceutical Co. Inc. AXN

AXN emerged as one of the day’s most interesting plays following its inclusion in Friday morning’s premarket report. After briefly touching an early morning low of 1.15, the stock would go on to register a subsequent high of 1.63.

That works out to an intraday increase of 42%, and it came on roughly fourteen times the three-month average volume.

After a fairly strong close (1.49) in which the stock held well over half of its daily gains, AXN appears to be gapping up slightly this morning, having risen back into the 1.50’s. This type of activity is characteristic of a classic “momo play”, so we’ll have an eye peeled for AXN as things kick off today to watch for a possible continuation of that momentum.

Pervasip Corp. PVSP

When PVSP appeared in one of our daily reports in late January, we referred to it as a super-subpenny ‘bottom-bouncer’, and it has held to that description in the truest sense over the past several weeks. Less than two weeks ago, the stock was trading at the lowest possible increment (.0001), and toward the end of last week it began to ramp its way up.

On Friday, there was a Golden Cross of the 50DMA over the 200DMA, and PVSP traded as high as .0009, which marks a rapid jump of 800% over our recently observed low. In order for us to remain interested in this play, it will need to maintain support at or above .0005 on any pullbacks.

Direxion Daily Jr Gld Mnrs Bear 3X ETF (JDST)

JDST made a modest yet notable move on Friday as well., This one also appeared on our extended watchlist, and we were pleased with its steady uptrend that lasted  throughout most of the morning.

From an initial low of 11.40, the stock pushed its way to 12.60, a gain of 12%

Being a gold miners bear ETF, JDST saw this increase as the release of healthy jobs numbers and the Dollar at an 11-year high coincided closely with gold nearing a three-month low.

Extended Watchlist: