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Veritec, Inc. VRTC

We hope everyone enjoyed yesterday’s day off from the market, however you chose to spend it. Though today’s session is just a short 3 1/2 hours, we are ready to get back to business, starting with recognizing VRTC’s performance since we added it to our ticker watchlist.

It isnt every day that one of our new picks begins to put up good numbers immediately. Often times it can take days or even weeks for our picks to mature, but that was not the case with VRTC.

We waited until we felt conditions were just right before mentioning it for the first time Monday premarket, and it turned out to be a great decision. Since then the stock has enjoyed three straight days of increases. It has made higher highs and higher lows, closing at its high of day on each of those days for an overall gain of 37% We count that a superb performance for just a 72-hour period.

The stock is still receiving a ‘Buy’ Rating a BARCHART.COM, however the possibility exists that from here we could see a slight pullback before the stock continues its ascent. We did notice a little resistance at .40 that may need to be taken out before we can see extended gains. Such is to be expected following a nice run like what we have seen in the past three sessions.

When we reviewed the chart earlier in the week, we pointed to a MACD cross in the making, and it appears to just now be occurring. In many past plays, we have observed considerable gains following a MACD cross.

We are also still excited to see the outcome of the Partnership Agreement with National Identity Solutions (NIS).

Ronald Logan, CEO of NIS has stated, “The partnership with Veritec is estimated to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to both Veritec and NIS in 2012 income streams.”

The following report could be a good way to begin your own due diligence if you are new to VRTC.—VRTC REPORT

VRTC | Veritec, Inc. | Hot Stock Today

Veritec, Inc. VRTC


For the second consecutive day following Monday’s initial report on VRTC, the stock both increased in value, and closed the session at its high of day. Yesterday saw the stock trade its highest volume since 2009 with 141,537 shares changing hands, giving rise to a another 6% gained on the day. When added with Monday’s gains, our total now stands at 28% in just two days time, leaving us extremely pleased, and anxious to see how the stock finishes leg one of the this short holiday week.
One of the many things we like about Veritec, is the space in which it operates, and the fact that it is one of the pioneers of this particular brand of 2d coding. With reader-apps running on nearly every smartphone, and virtually every industry having need for managing larger databases of customers and products, it seems that the current state of technology is just now catching up with the possibilities VRTC’s own technology provides.
VRTC is creating a lot of buzz right now, being the number one most active message board on Investors Hub. Also, if you are just showing up to this party, feel free to start your due diligence with the following report:

Veritec, Inc. – VRTC – Today’s Stock

Veritec, Inc. VRTC

Despite the markets being down 240pts yesterday, VRTC managed to rattle off a 22% gain following our maiden alert on 4 1/2 times its ten day average volume (total of 34,490). Much of this activity was buying- out of all the shares traded, only 1000 shares were traded at the bid, leaving the purchase to sale ratio at roughly 33:1.

In addition to news out this morning, we noticed that BARCHART.COM changed its “opinion” of VRTC from yesterday, moving the stock’s designation from Sell to Buy overnight.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn., Nov. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Veritec, Inc. (OTC: VRTC) today announced that their patent portfolio has reached 20 worldwide patents. As a technology company, Veritec has built a considerable presence in the fields of two-dimensional Matrix Symbology, Secure identification for people and products, Secure financial transactions, and Multi-purpose cards or mobile devices that facilitate financial transactions and other applications. Veritec’s recent Partnership Agreement with National Identity Solutions (NIS) of Norcross, Georgia and with Antero Payment Solutions Inc. of Harbor City, California will benefit from the strong technology position held by Veritec.


Republic of Texas Brands Inc RTXB

 This stock has been garnering some attention lately, so we thought we see what the buzz was about. RTXB is another play receiving a “Buy” designation from BARCHART.COM.

Much like VRTC, we like the pattern of the RTXB chart, with indications that the stock is sitting at a relative bottom, and recent history showing that it can surge from the current level of .015 to .025 and better fairly quickly.

Added Note: Having recently gone through a name and symbol change, some of you may know this play as LJWY.