Looking to the SPY Amid Earnings Drought

Leaning on the SPY:

We started off the fresh trading week yesterday on fairly decent footing. We formulated a batch of three options ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report, a couple of quick-strike plays and a longer-term idea. Both of the near-term targets looked pretty good for us on the day.

Those plays were the SPY 09/19 $385-383 Puts and the TTWO Weekly $119-121 Calls , with the latter producing larger gain opportunities by a fairly large margin as you can see here. We’re going to stick with the strategy of going bearish on the SPY once again today with a fresh target range that you can find below. We may find ourselves looking to the SPY more and more as the present earnings dry period persists.

SPY 09/19 $385-383 Puts
$385: .70-2.00 (+186%)
$384: .50-1.46 (+192%)
$383: .34-1.02 (+200%)

TTWO Weekly $119-121 Calls
3.50-4.00 (+17%)
$120: 3.40-5.23 (+54%)
$121: 2.40-3.50 (+46%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 09/21 $386-385 Puts
APOG 10/21 $40-45 Calls
GIII 10/21 $15-17.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CBNT News Alert & More

C-Bond Systems, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBNT)

There is major news out this morning on the hot new nanotech play we brought to our readers on Wednesday morning,(Special Report on CBNT – Click to view) so that is our primary interest heading into this week.

The development suggests a serious shift in valuation is in order, after CBNT had its nanotech glass-strengthening IP audited by an independent firm. We talked about the aspects of the CBNT portfolio we find intriguing in Wednesday’s report, and were vindicated by this evaluation, which asserts that the company’s products are valued at $33.7 million.

As of the closing price on Friday, CBNT had a market valuation of roughly $7.48 million. If we arbitrarily adjusted that value to match this morning’s news, it would increase the PPS by over 300% While we may not see such an extreme figure in practice, there can be no doubt that CBNT is a top candidate for some level of breakout activity in the days and weeks ahead on the heels of this development.

HOUSTON, Oct. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — C-Bond Systems (the “Company” or “C-Bond”) (OTC: CBNT), a nanotechnology company that improves and strengthens glass, announced today that its intellectual property portfolio has been valued at $33.7 million by a leading, independent,  global intellectual property valuation firm. (>>View Full PR)

Options Recap:

We had also alerted on some weekly SPY calls to finish out the week on Friday, and those produced some excellent single-session gain opportunities for our readers, so we wanted to share the moves that were made there.

Our idea was the SDPR S&P500 (ETF) SPY Weekly $289-291 Calls, and those recorded the following intraday performances:

$289 Calls – Range: 2.50-5.57 – Max Gain: 123%
$289.50 Calls – Range: 2.10-5.03 – Max Gain: 140%
$290 Calls – Range: 1.70-4.65 – Max Gain: 174%
$291 Calls – Range:  .98-3.60 – Max Gain:  267%

Extended Watchlist: