Monday’s Movers, 4 New Possibilities

Monday’s Runners:

We got off to a pretty good start for the fresh trading week on Monday, having offered up three potential plays in our premarket report, two of which produced instantaneous opportunities. It was a decent way to get things going on a quiet week that began without any earnings or economic impact reports. Things are quiet again today on the earnings front, but we should see the volume of reporters pick up over the course of the week.

As for yesterday’s runners, we had the GBX 07/19 $45 Puts and the INTC Weekly $32-33 Calls make some really nice moves for us. We’ll also roll up on INTC which still looks good for some further positive activity today.

GBX 07/19 $45 Puts
 .90-3.64 (+304%)

INTC Weekly $32-33 Calls
$32: 1.02-2.12 (+108%)
$32.50: .75-1.71 (+128%)
$33: .53-1.31 (+147%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
INTC Weekly $34.50 Calls
NVDA Weekly $129-130 Calls
SPY 07/09 $555-556 Calls*
HELE 07/19 $70-65 Puts

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced day traders

Extended Watchlist: 

Tuesday’s Trio of Runners, 4 New Possible Trades

Recap of Tuesday’s Plays:

Another solid session went on the books yesterday, with our premarket report for the day containing three possible plays based off of the earnings reporters that interested us the most in the premarket. For the second straight day this week, we were able to highlight some nice movers that provided traders with some good intraday gain opportunities. We have been doing really well this month, and the cycle of winning persisted through another fine trading day.

Our designated targets for Tuesday were the LOW Weekly $232.50-237.50 Calls, the PANW Weekly $312.50-307.50 Puts, and the M Weekly $19-20 Calls. The numbers they put up weren’t earth-shattering, but they all did quite well on the session:

LOW Weekly $232.50-237.50 Calls
 .24-.53 (+121%)
$235: .15-.28 (+87%)
$237.50: .04-.16 (+300%)

PANW Weekly $312.50-307.50 Puts
$312.50: 2.22-5.41 (+144%)
$305: 1.48-4.21 (+184%)
$307.50: 3.76-12.28 (+227%)

M Weekly $19-20 Calls
$19: .39-1.25 (+220%)
$19.50: .22-.86 (+291%)
$20: .12-.57 (+375%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
URBN Weekly $42 Calls
TJX Weekly $99-100 Calls
TGT Weekly $144-142 Puts
WSM Weekly $340 Calls

Extended Watchlist: