Several Fresh Options Ideas

Options Review:

We had some pretty good fortune yesterday with the quick-strike options ideas we included in yesterday morning’s premarket report. Both of the sets of calls with weekly expirations bore fruit for us, even as the markets dipped yet again, in what has been a challenging time for day-traders and long term stockholders alike.

The plays that helped us keep up the good fight for yesterday were the COST Weekly $485-490 Calls, and the SAVA Weekly $45-46 Calls, which provided ourselves and our readers with the following intraday opportunities:

COST Weekly $485-490 Calls
 3.65-5.55 (+52%)
$490: 2.41-3.54 (+47%)

SAVA Weekly $45-46 Calls
$45: 2.70-4.50 (+67%)
$45.50: 2.50-4.20 (+68%)
$46: 2.39-3.94 (+65%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SAVA Weekly $47.50-48.50 Calls
THO 10/21 $70-75 Calls
FTNT 10/21 $45-50 Calls
SPY 09/28 $363-365 Calls 

Global Tech Industries Group, Inc. GTII – OTC Recap:

We were just talking about the solid moves GTII has made for us recently in yesterday morning’s report, and the stock responded by not only setting another new high, but it did so as the number one actively traded stock on the OTC for the session! GTII recorded a high of 2.70 which marks an impressive increase of 229% over our observed low of .85.

Extended Watchlist: