Big Moves from Tuesday, 4 Fresh Ideas

Tuesday’s Runners:

We were hoping to take things into the midweek break on a high note on Tuesday morning in our premarket report. and thankfully, we managed to do just that. We had an array of three options trading possibilities, and all three of them exhibited some pretty solid intraday runs.

Those targets were the LZB Weekly $35 Calls, the PDCO Weekly $23-25 Calls, and the DELL Weekly $144-146 Calls. These were the figures they posted for Tuesday’s session:

LZB Weekly $35 Calls
2.99-5.88 (+97%)

PDCO Weekly $23-25 Calls
$23: 1.45-2.65 (+83%)
$24: .60-1.65 (+175%)
$25: .35-.91 (+160%)

DELL Weekly $144-146 Calls
$144: 2.74-10.08 (+268%)
$145: 2.20-9.60 (+336%)
$146: 1.91-8.60 (+350%)

We also saw some new highs in the July DELL calls we had signaled in Monday’s report prior to adding the above weekly calls.This target has been working so well for us this week, we’re also going to include a fresh strike area in this morning’s potential options plays.  

DELL 07/12 $147-148 Calls
$147: 1.77-11.30 (+228%)
$148: 1.89-10.70 (+196%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
DELL Weekly $153-155 Calls
NVDA Weekly $139-140 Calls
SPY 06/20 $548-550 Calls
KR Weekly $53-55 Calls

Mustang Bio, Inc. (NASDAQ:MBIO) – Recap:

We also wanted to give a brief recap of the recent move made by MBIO, a NASDAQ stock we tagged in our report on Monday morning. After observing a low of .288, we saw the stock rise as high as 1.30, which marks an upswing of 351%

Extended Watchlist: