Veritec, Inc. | VRTC | Hot Stock Today

Good Morning, Traders!

We couldn’t be more excited to release today’s new pick. We have patiently awaited the timing to be just right in order to maximize the potential opportunity for all.

We now unveil our new pick to you. We expect Veritec to remain on our watchlists for weeks and months to come, as we are officially introducing it as a long term interest:

Veritec, Inc. VRTC

We have taken the time to prepare a brief report on the company in order to give everyone a head start on their own research. You may follow the link, or download this handy pdf version.  You can also view this video about VRTC.  


After much of our own due diligence, we have discovered VRTC to be both technically and fundamentally sound. There is a chart included with the report dated the 16th, but we’ve also included one here from today:

Stay tuned for regular updates on the status of this new pick. As we stated, we will be following its activity closely.