TLFX | Telefix Communications Holdings, Inc. | Tuesday’s Focus

Telefix Communications Holdings, Inc. TLFX

TLFX continued to roll following our afternoon update on the stock yesterday, touching a high of .0058 for max gains of up to 123% on the day. Any time a play affords us the opportunity to bank over 100% in one day, you can expect it to remain high on watchlist.Yesterday TLFX broke through the 100DMA of .0029, and never looked back, trading record volume to the tune of more than 55 million shares (~$232K). The last time this thing traded that type of dollar volume was back in June, when the price was between .07-.10.

According to Pinksheets, as of October, there is a mere 29 million shares in the float; a very tight structure for a sub-penny stock.

TeleFix Communications, Inc. (TeleFix) is a minority woman-owned telecommunications services company serving the wireless infrastructure development, upgrade, and repair market. With two distinctive areas of expertise, centered on cellular networks infrastructure, and Land Mobile Radio(LMR) communications, TeleFix® is poised to deliver project management, network planning, design, installation, and deployment services particularly in the 3G and 4G technologies. Specific engineering specialties are expert level RF design, testing and Microwave Engineering.

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