Special Report: WhereverTV Broadcasting Corp. (TVTV)

WhereverTV Broadcasting Corp. TVTV

TVTV is the latest stock that we’ve added to our radars, and it’s one that we feel has a lot of upside potential, if for no other reason than the cutting-edge space in which it operates: Live Internet Television.

At first glance, it probably doesn’t strike you as a new or impressive concept, most likely because of the current state of internet technology, and the fact that it has hurtled faster forward over the past five to ten years than any other time in its existence. We’ve become numb to tech concepts that would have dropped our jaws a mere decade ago. Streaming video has become a mainstay in this, the digital age, thanks to services such as Netflix, and Hulu, but it has thus far come in the form of pre-recorded content offerings; movies, television series, etc.

WhereverTV takes that concept one step further, in its plans to offer affordable stream subscriptions that give users access to LIVE streaming television service, comparable to any currently available cable or satellite subscription, on any internet-capable device. These days, “internet-capable device” can include just about anything from TVs, Blu-Ray players, and video game consoles, to PCs, tablets and smart-phones….and thanks to an ever expanding web of worldwide Wi-Fi networks, the internet is everywhere.

Maybe the most intriguing aspect of the TVTV model is the low cost of its service plans, which we feel could lure a significant number of users who are tired of paying upward of $80 or more on television service every month.  WhereverTV not only destroys those costs, but does so while providing the same channels and events, resulting in a viewing experience that is tailored to the individual user’s needs and habits, as well as acting as a delivery system for targeted ads. The possibilities for WhereverTV are numerous, so we simply had to add TVTV stock to our watchlist.


Far from being solely aimed at English-speaking Americans, earlier this month the company announced the launch of its ArabicTV service package aimed at the estimated 4 million arabic speaking people in North America:

PITTSBURGH, March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — WhereverTV Broadcasting Corp. (OTC Pink: TVTV), a leader in delivering over the top (OTT) subscription television services to a variety of devices including ConnectedTVs, streaming media players, smartphones and TabletPCs, today announced the upcoming launch of its expanded ArabicTV service offering, which will include more than 25 of the most popular channels from the Middle East. >> FULL ARTICLE


The national Cable/Satellite TV industry is a giant, with an estimated 110 Million households paying an average of $85 monthly for service. That comes out to an industry value of roughly $112 Billion annually. If WhereverTV can pull away even a fraction of a percent of that market (consisting of many people who are being hit hard by rough economic times and are looking to tighten their purse strings), it could mean good things for TVTV stock. Even well-known tech pundit Mark Anderson, via a Dec.’12 interview with Forbes, predicted that in 2013: “Net TV Dominates. A majority of U.S.-based homes will have Net-connected TVs, with other developed nations quickly following as bandwidth allows.

We also recognize that the current generation of young men and women making the transition to adulthood, are individuals who have an unprecedented familiarity with mobile and internet technology, and a voracious appetite for fresh content on-demand, and on-the-go. They also rely heavily on mobile devices, to a level that would almost seem absurd to some. For these reasons, young, cash-strapped adults seem like another perfect target market for WhereverTV’s model, in fact, many of them may never subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite provider. Times are definitely changing, and TVTV has positioned itself to take advantage of the trends.


We would also encourage you to read CEO Mark Cavicchia‘s recent LETTER TO THE SHAREHOLDERS of TVTV

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We had a lot to talk about with regard to TVTV, which is why we wanted to send this email out after the bell. Be sure to catch tomorrow morning’s report, which will discuss some of the attractive aspects of the current TVTV chart from a trader’s standpoint.