SPAH | Spectrum Acquisition Holdings, Inc.

Spectrum Acquisition Holdings, Inc. SPAH

We have a new play for you this morning in SPAH, that comes on the heels of a 14% increase on Monday’s session. The stock is currently boasting an RSI that looks oversold, and in general, a favorable chart setup to possibly see further gains.

Apart from the promising technicals, this company operating in the mining sector has properties in the Shasta Cascade mountain region, which straddles the Oregon and California border. With prices of precious metals having been on a steady rise for the past couple of years, and no visible signs of slowing, which is why we always have an eye out for a good mining play.

Not your every day mining outfit, Spectrum is currently pursuing a variety of patent applications in what is being referred to as the “bio-mining” sector. These include various bio-processing methods/apparatuses for ore, in addition to a laser-guidance system for use with an industrial stone-cutting system.

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