RAYS, SRRL, DGHG – Today’s Hot Stocks

Raystream Inc. RAYS


Once again, RAYS, pushing its way to new highs, just keeps going and going, recalling images of the Energizer Bunny!The stock reached 1.89 on Wednesday, up 40% since our initial alert at 1.36. It appears as if a break of 2.00 is in the cards for this play, and after that, there is no telling just how high RAYS could go.

A lot of people are talking about RAYS like it’s the next LEXG, another heavily promoted stock from approximately a year past. We personally feel that it is never to soon to protect your profits, so despite a great run thus far, we are always trying to ensure that our eyes don’t get bigger than our stomachs, so to speak. As always, vigilance is key.

Diversified Global Holdings Group, Inc. DGHG

It is an exciting day for DGHG and its shareholders, as a highly sought after phenomenon has come to pass: Exchange Uplisting!  This is the first day that the stock will be trading on the OTCQB, having come up from the Pinksheets.

As long-time DGHG followers, we feel a sense of satisfaction when one of our covered issuers makes such a significant stride forward.

Let’s also remember the 12% share reduction from last month. All in all it appears as if Diversified Global is making all the right moves.


DGHG uplisting to the OTCBB & Video Chart
DGHG uplisting to the OTCBB & Video Chart

Stellar Resources, Ltd. SRRL

SRRL was a great call for us this week, as it seems caught the timing of its bottom with astonishing accuracy. In August, the stock was trading over .20, and this month, it ran from .03-.055, for an 83% gain in just two trading sessions. Based on SRRL’s history, it seems anything under .03 is a bargain-basement price.


In a very exciting turn of events, the CEO of SRRL has submitted a Form-4 outlining the purchase of a whopping $3,000,000 worth of company stock. This is way larger than your typical insider buy, leading us to believe that something could be going on behind the scenes for the CEO to have that much confidence.

SRRL Video Chart - Stellar Resources, Ltd. (OTC:SRRL)
SRRL Video Chart – Stellar Resources, Ltd. (OTC:SRRL)