PBGC, DGHG – Today’s Stocks

Premier Beverage Group Corp. PBGC

When we alerted PBGC on October 29th, the stock had been trading at a low of .33. On Friday, PBGC hit a high of .45, for a satisfying 36% gain on almost three times its 3mo average volume.

The stock had some news out on Thursday, which seems to have stirred up the coals, and created a burst of momentum that we are hoping to see carry into today’s session.

The news was pertaining to the company’s “OSO” beverage formula, which has been upgraded to “All Natural”, a designation that should open several doors for the product to be offered to a wider market.

Diversified Global Holdings Group, Inc. DGHG

DGHG continues its slow and steady uptrend, and while we have had it on the back burner for some time, we certainly have not forgotten about it.

The last pullback we saw, found support at 1.40, and it appears that support is creeping higher. Coupled with thinning resistance levels, and it seems we have resumed paying close attention to DGHG.

We are well aware of the potential of this stock to pad our pockets, after seeing it run from .71 to 1.50 between October and November. That gain was good for 113%, and part of the reason why we are going to be continuing to monitor DGHG so closely