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Top Ships, Inc. TOPS 

We talked a little bit about our daily live traders chats last week, and on Friday, came another example of why it’s a good idea to get involved. We allow any of our subscribers to join in, to find even more trading opportunities and freely share their own ideas.

As you can see in the provided snapshot, TOPS was highlighted shortly before 11AM on Friday, and the stock went on a very nice run following that, which is spilling over into this morning as well. Subsequent to appearing in our chat, TOPS ran from .135-.32. That works out to a move of 137%  That figure has been boosted even higher today, as TOPS hit .46 in premarket trading, extended our observed range of potential gains to 241%

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Johnson & Johnson JNJ

Emerging as the potential leader in terms of being first to a workable coronavirus vaccine, JNJ says they may be able to produce a working one by early 2021, several months prior to most previous estimates. The company has also committed to providing one billion of them to the US Dept. of Health & Human Services.

We will likely be following this story for quite some time, so we’re going to signal both a short and longer-range set of options ideas here, with the JNJ Weekly $125-130 Calls & 09/18 $150-155 Calls.

Bonus Idea:
Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. CALM $43-45 Calls 

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