Is This OTC Stock Poised for a Breakout?

Om Holdings International, Inc. OMHI – Special Report:

On the menu for today is special report on a very interesting company that has recently been making a lot of strides toward the execution of its business development goals. We’re impressed with the forward-thinking manner in which it has approached its recent expansion, with the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting changes to the way of life of consumers in mind.

OMHI is engaged in Caribbean-based retail and grocery delivery services, as well as construction supply. We mentioned the company’s work toward establishing synergies with the new order of post-pandemic consumer behaviors, which is demonstrated, in part, by its proprietary mobile app delivery platform. It offers vital contactless solutions for the sale and transport of all kinds of essential products.

But you don’t have to take our word for it; all it takes is a glance at the company’s news reel to quickly ascertain that OMHI means business. Frequent press updates have always been a hallmark of promising rapid-growth enterprises, and OM Holdings does not disappoint in that regard. Thus far in the month of August alone, the company has provided multiple key updates pertaining to its stores currently under construction. We would highly suggest using the links below to read up on the significant progress OMHI is making with respect to growing its retail presence in the Caribbean.


OM HOLDINGS INTERNATIONAL, INC (OMHI) To Open First Dockside Marina Store in Tortola, BVI – August 5th

OM Holdings International (OMHI) Announces Onemart Convenience Stores – August 3rd

With a dockside location adjacent to the largest charter yacht marina in the British Virgin Islands, as well as the first of many Onemart convenience stores, OMHI is reaching a key phase in its growth, and we feel that this makes now an excellent time to evaluate your interest in a potential position. That goes along with the added bonus of coming upon OMHI when the stock itself is in a really attractive place on the chart.

The current pricing is ideal for speculative buying, being presently at a relative low, and exhibiting many of the telltale signs of a stock that is primed for a breakout. We saw impressive moves in OMHI in both May and July, and there’s no reason to assume that another similar breakout pattern could not materialize in the relatively near future. Below you’ll find a snapshot of the current OMHI chart, which demonstrates our point.


We’ve only just scratched the surface of the current affairs and future potential of OMHI this morning. We encourage you to continue to follow our coverage closely, and stay tuned for more details in upcoming reports. In the meantime, we highly encourage our readers to initiate their own due diligence on what we feel is an under-hyped, undervalued stock with massive breakout potential.

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