GRDO, EXTO | Today’s Stocks

Guard Dog, Inc. GRDO

We saw a pullback in GRDO yesterday to .0006. This can be a good chance for those of us who missed the last run to enter into the stock for a fair price, in anticipation of the next uptrend.

We want to observe this one very closely to ensure that the current support levels hold. There is a fairly heavy patch of resistance at .0009, but after that is broken, it should be smooth sailing to substantial gains.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

For the second time in as many weeks, EXTO made a run from the mid-.004’s to the low .006’s on Wednesday. This time, the intraday surge was good for a quick 35% gain from .0046-.0062. For the quick-witted trader, this bounciness can lead to continuing profits.

This is why EXTO does, and will continue to remain high on our watchlist, as we consistently rack up added gains to pile onto the more than 600% in collective gains we’ve managed thus far.