Good Start to the Week, New Options Ideas

Options Updates:

We’ve got some options updates to put forth this morning after the trading week got off to a hot start yesterday. We had signaled some longer-term calls which will need some time to mature, as well as a set of daily SPY Calls. Those performed quite well for us on the session as the markets ripped their way up the charts for most of the session.

We’ve got an update on those SPY targets which were the SPY 10/24 $374-376 Calls as well as some new highs to report on some other longer-term options that we’ve been tracking this month. For the CAT 11/04 $180-185 Calls, we alerted these calls on Wednesday the 5th, while the UNFI 11/18 $35 Calls were an idea we formulated on September 30th. Both of those ideas have continued to build onto their highs and increased the gains we’ve observed by a considerable margin.

SPY 10/24 $374-376 Calls
 1.41-5.97 (+323%)
$375: 1.03-5.01 (+386%)
$376: .72-4.00 (+456%)

CAT 11/04 $180-185 Calls

$180: 5.43-14.22 (+161%)
$185: 4.00-9.93 (+148%)

UNFI 11/18 $35 Calls
 1.80-4.80 (+167%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
KO Weekly $57-59 Calls
UPS Weekly $167.50-172.50 Calls
SAP 11/18 $92.50-95 Calls
GE Weekly $73-75 Calls

Creatd Inc. CRTD – OTC Recap:

We’ve also got a quick OTC update on CRTD, a stock we signaled initially on the 13th of this month, which has appeared another handful of times on our extended watchlists since then. Over the span of the last 8 trading days, CRTD has managed to run from a low of .0761 to a very impressive new high of .595 yesterday, making for an increase of 682%

Extended Watchlist: