EXTO, GCHK, DWIS, EMBA – Hot Penny Stocks Today

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO has been an absolute workhorse of a stock for us ever since we first put it on our radar at .0025. We subsequently enjoyed a 416% run up to .0129. After a period of consolidation, it found support at .0065.

We pointed out a pinching MACD indicator last week, and it appears as if the next few trading sessions could carry with them the cross that we are looking for. If EXTO reacts to a MACD cross in the same manner it has in the past, we are staring out over the edge of another PPS surge.

Greenchek Technology, Inc. GCHK

As we pointed out before Summer, Greenchek’s chart offers multiple bounce opportunities for wary traders. We added the stock to our watchlist once again recently, as we noticed the start of another uptrend.

We alerted that at .0015, just before the stock surged to .0022, for a quick 47% gain. We are looking to test the resistance at .0022 this week, and if that level can be surmounted, the next flak points will sit at .0025, .0027 and .0032.

In just over a month, there have been four runs of at least 33%, and for anyone sitting on the sidelines, it seems only a matter of time before it is possible to catch and take advantage of the next wave.

Dinewise,Inc. DWIS

DWIS on Friday, hit a high of .11, and closed out at that price, trading twice its 3 month average volume. In the past week following our mentions, the stock moved 57% from .07 to .11.

In the past we have seen prices on the order of .1795, so we would like to see it retest that level. From here, that would mark an added gain of 63%

The stock moved up on relatively light volume last week; there is only 2 million shares in the float, and that is exactly how it trades.

eMamba International Corp. EMBA

EMBA has been on our radar for just a few weeks, thus making it the freshest pick out of all the stocks featured in today’s newsletter.

During that short time, we have experienced a run from .36 to .507: a gain of 41%, a very impressive figure for a stock priced in this range. We are also seeing a pinching MACD, an indication that more gains are in store.

The company recently appointed Derek Suzuki to its board of directors, a gentleman who has had his hand in the success of multiple Fortune 500 companies, including almart (Sam’s Club), Costco, VIZIO, Circuit City, CompUSA, Best Buy, Best Buy Canada and Future Shop. Derek’s involvement is expected to bolster the eMamba team’s effectiveness significantly.