DGHG – Diversified Global Holdings Group – Today’s Hot Penny Stock

Diversified Global Holdings Group, Inc. DGHG

DGHG made a nice move at the time of our first mention, and subsequently came down to find support at a dollar. We like this company a lot, and there have been several developments in recent weeks to strengthen our resolve in calling this a long term opportunity.

Value Could Approach $2.00+ per Share based on these facts and figures: 

  • Diversified Global recently reported $203M, an equivalent of $2.33 per share, in shareholders’ equity, which means that the current stock price is trading roughly 100% lower than actual valuation.
  • Excluding land, equipment and the like, DGHG’s total assets are around $0.38 per share, which represents a fairly significant percentage of the share price.
  • Diversified Global recently reported bottom-line growth rates of 256%, according to the latest 10-Q.
  • The company reduced its share count last quarter by 6.7%, and only recently retired another 12%, indicating the company’s dedication to building shareholder value.

  All in all, 1.09 per share seems like an absolute bargain.

Side Note:

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