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eLayaway, Inc. ELAY

We like ELAY not only for its sharp performance on the stock end of things, but also for the excellent business model they possess in a somewhat forgotten industry. Layaway fell somewhat out of popularity during the 90’s as the American economy enjoyed its last real boom. Now, in the heart of a recession, the option to pay for retail items over time begins to gain ground on traditional methods of payment.
ELAY’s business is geared perfectly toward a recession economy. People still want high value items, yet may not be able to afford the full price all at once.Just take a look at this article on debtfreeadventure.com to see how some people are viewing this old method of payment in a whole new light: Layaway is Back
Whether it be shopping, travel, healthcare needs, or checking out your favorite sporting events, ELAY has it covered through their different divisions, which handle these different types of purchases.

Over the next few years, we can see this business growing exponentially, especially in the event that America’s economic slump continues.


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Over the past 6 months, ELAY has made many bounces from the .10-.15 range, to the .20-.24 range, for gains from anywhere between 50-100%  Looking at the chart, the stock just bounced off a bottom at .11, just as the RSI was coming off of being oversold, as well as a cross of the MACD indicator. These are all indicators that clearly allude to another run in the making.

For more info visit: http://elayaway.com