EGCT, CHMR & Extended Watchlist

Ecologic Transportation, Inc. EGCT

Word on the potential of EGCT is starting to spread like wildfire, Yesterday’s trading session produced record volume, to the tune of over 12x the 3mo average volume; almost 440,000 share changed hands.

The stock held higher lows and made higher highs, breaking key resistance at .38, and touching a high of .44, a gain of 60% off of Monday’s low at .275.

Earlier this week, we were looking for the stock to test recent highs of .48, and with the way the stock is performing, we may have to raise our expectations, as it appears this play could legitimately go into bluesky breakout mode.

All chart indicators continue to look strong, as outlined in the video chart summary from yesterday afternoon. You can view the video chart here, and we will be certain to keep EGCT at the top of our watchlist.


Chimera Energy Corp. CHMR

Lately, it seems like our Extended Watchlist has produced as many winners as our featured plays, which is why we always suggest our readers conduct proper due diligence on every play we discuss, regardless of the level of details put forth. CHMR is no exception, having seen a low of .58 yesterday, the stock ran as high as .74, closing just shy of its HOD at .71. This made possible intraday gains of 22-28%

This is a play that just emerged this summer, running from .14-2.00 from July to August. Following that major run, there was a large consolidation, as the support came in at .26. What resulted was a dead-cat bounce.

Yesterday, CHMR passed .66, and based on the chart, the next key area of resistance doesn’t come until 1.12, so we will want to continue to keep this play on our watchlists. This could be one of those stocks that we continue to follow for some time, as we’ve thus far been impressed with its ability to bounce.


Extended Watchlist: