Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Special Announcement

Special Announcement

As some of you might be aware, we are quickly approaching the 8th Anniversary of our newsletter archive site and home base on the web, It’s where you can go to find every single pick we’ve made since 2011, and catch our reports each and every trading day between 9 AM and the opening bell.

We have traditionally adopted the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” motto, but this year, we will be modernizing the look and function of the site for the very first time! The brand new BHS website will be up and ready well in advance of our 8th birthday (August 7th).

Now is a great time to get the page bookmarked, and added to your device home screens, and if you’ve yet to do so, subscribe to our mailing list so you can be sure never to miss an ounce of coverage! 

SunPower Corp. SPWR – Update 

Last month (June 19th), we called SPWR one of the most steady-growth movers we’ve been tracking in 2019, since we began watching it all the way back in January. It had come all the way from a low of 5.06 and achieved more than a 100% gain as it reached the $11-mark.

After a slight consolidation, the stock once again resumed its steady upward march, and the past couple of weeks in particular have brought a serious addition to our total observed gains. SPWR hit 12.79 during yesterday’s session, which brings the increase we’ve witnessed in the 2019 calendar year to an impressive 153%

J.Jill, Inc. JILL – Update 

It was just under a month ago that we tagged JILL for observation (June 12th), and in that time span, we have seen slow but steady progress, which has amounted to a very respectable overall increase.

Subsequent to our initial alert, we would observe a low of 1.54. After these last few weeks of stair-stepping its way up, we have now witnessed another new high yesterday at 2.46, followed by a strong close just four cents below that mark. We have therefore seen JILL make a total move of 60% and will be eager to continue tracking its progress.