Blue Horseshoe Penny Stock Report for 08/29/11

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO has been under a slight consolidation for the past week ago. Support is holding strong at .0074, and we are waiting on an update from the company regarding gold production. The wait may be prolonged for another month to two, as the previous PR stated that the company intends to begin removing 5,000 tons of ore daily from its recently assayed, gold-rich claim no later than October.

EXTO has been steadily building this new base, looking for its next jumping off point. As the chart below illustrates, this stock exhibits extremely predictable trading patterns. You can see, following each major run all the way from our original call at .0025, there is a steady consolidation, followed by another similar run up. We are at the beginning of one such pattern.

How could we not love this stock? 220% of sustainable gains in a time period of just two months, and the party has just begun. Remember, in just another month or two, the gold will be flowing, and then, the sky’s the limit.