BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. | BPAX

BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BPAX

BPAX continues to look better with its second consecutive day of gains. The stock hit a high of .51, and has held a good portion of that gain heading into the close, on more than 3x the 3mo. average volume.

We’ve stated, even just this morning, that BPAX is going to provide folks with some good opportunities moving forward as it continues to recover from a monumental pullback these past few weeks. We’ve been proven right for the second day running.

Again, a reminder to be on a sharp lookout for our newsletter tomorrow, as it will include a brand new pick that has us really excited. 

It is a sub-penny play with one of only three herbal nutraceutical products approved anywhere for insulin sensitization. This company is operating in a multi-billion dollar sector, and appears to be poised for astronomical growth.  It recently has bounced off of its 52-week low, and is making higher lows since then. Tune in tomorrow for the symbol.