Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – ARNA & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ARNA

ARNA has been on an unstoppable run since we’ve had it appear in our newsletters. Even in uncertain times with the market, with the Dow being down more than 200pts yesterday, ARNA continued to push forward, gaining another 11%

That brings the total gain we’ve pulled in from ARNA to 112% in just over a month’s time. There are certainly no guarantees that ARNA will receive the FDA approval that everyone seems to be anticipating. Some would say now is the time to lock in those profits before the results are in, for failure to attain FDA approval could send this stock into a downward spiral.

We’ve even considered the idea of playing puts on ARNA options should things get a little ugly from here. $5 & $7 Puts would be multi-bag winners if the stock should fall to the 2.00 range, a distinct possibility if FDA approval isn’t awarded.

On the flipside, straddling the stock by purchasing both a Call and a Put could mitigate our risk in the event that FDA approval is forthcoming. For example, the $15 Calls were trading at .83 yesterday, and the $5 Puts closed at .38. ($7 closed @ .65) which will be even cheaper if the stock gaps up this morning as it appears to be doing.


Extended Watchlist: