4-Pack of Fresh Options Plays

Options Recaps: 

Another day, another set of winning options ideas! We stick to this pattern because it produces results, and like usual, we put together some ideas for yesterday morning’s premarket report that enjoyed solid intraday performances.

The two sets of targets that turned in winning cards on the day were the SPY 12/06 $453-454 Calls, and the SAIC Weekly $85-90 Calls. The gains in the SAIC chain didn’t astonish, but they were very respectable, while the SPY calls ripped for big multibag gains. All in all, our targets provided plenty of opportunity for traders to bank quick intraday profits.

SPY 12/06 $453-454 Calls
$453: 2.86-7.61 (+166%)
$454: 2.27-6.78 (+199%)

SAIC Weekly $85-90 Calls
$85: 3.60-5.20 (+44%)
$90: 1.20-2.15 (+79%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We had another interesting set of earnings reporters today, which led us to these three sets of ideas, and we decided to roll with the SPY and formulate some more possible targets there. But be advised that those SPY contracts will expire tomorrow at market close.

SPY 12/08 $460 Calls
MDB Weekly $520 Calls
COUP Weekly $170-160 Puts
HQY 12/17 $50-40 Puts

Extended Watchlist: