Blue Horseshoe Stock Report – 08/11/11

GoIP Global, Inc. GOIG 

GOIG opened up at .0014 on Wednesday, trading up to .002, or, 42.8% on the day before receding to .0011 just prior to the close. Another painfully shaky day in the US markets, though we are cautiously optimistic that such downtrending cannot be sustained indefinitely.

Not to mention the fact that down here on the penny markets, economic pressure tends to affect stock somewhat less than their upper-exchange counterparts. So there is still opportunity out there, still money to be made, as GOIG proved to us, prior to 3pm yesterday.

GOIG has a history of big runs, and the large volume that is still in this stock leads us to the notion that there are new buyers taking positions, and like us, waiting for a surge to ride straight to continued profits.


eMax Holdings Corp. EMXC  

This stock has been our top pick this year, with one of the best looking charts we’ve ever seen:


EMXC held its support at .0019, as we mentioned we would like to see earlier on this week. The resistance point will be our previous high of .0024, and will wait to see a break past that level.


Exit Only, Inc. EXTO  

EXTO has been seeing a nice orderly consolidation after its previous run from .0025 to .0073. Earlier in the week it hit a low in the low .005’s whereas yesterday;s low was just .0058, so that’s a good, bullish sign.

We like stocks trading in a tight channel, as this is usually an indication of the next impending leg of upward trading.