Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Special Report on GOHE

Global Payout, Inc. GOHE – Special Report

Good Morning Traders! This morning, we have a brand new item of interest to enter into our discussions in GOHE.

We like this play not only from a technical perspective, which we’ll get into in greater detail shortly, but also for the cutting edge space in which it operates. The Financial Technology (FinTech) services industry is one of the fastest growing subsectors in finance. Worldwide spending on FinTech has ballooned exponentially over the past few years, with seemingly no end in sight.

GOHE offers customized prepaid payment solutions for domestic and international organizations distributing money to their employees and members worldwide. GOHE‘s Consolidated Payment Gateway (CPG) allows enterprise clients to provide direct bank account, mobile account, and prepaid card account options.

Though the company’s services can be a good fit with any number of industries, Global places a special focus on the logistics sector. The company provides a full complement of solutions on a single platform for payment process addressing each stage of logistic flow supply chain, from suppliers, to warehousing, and last-mile distribution.

The systems have the potential to reduce costs directly, through lower fees, and indirectly, via built-in compliance and risk-management protocol. All of it is easily configurable to match different jurisdictions and regulatory constrictions depending on the location where it is implemented.

In a world where much of the population is denied access to affordable banking, and downsizing businesses are constantly looking to cut their costs, GOHE is working to eliminate expensive currency exchanges and account maintenance fees traditionally charged by banks. From the perspective of company direction and future potential, GOHE couldn’t be in a better spot. The company has what we might refer to as “disruption potential” in a high-value marketplace.



As we mentioned above, there are also technical reasons for finding GOHE attractive.

If we could draw your attention to the MACD on the following chart snapshot, which is pinching toward a possible bullish cross. Each time it has done so, and the blue bars on the histogram flip up to the topside as they appear ready to do, GOHE has seen rapid moves up on the chart, the most recent of which directly followed a golden cross back in mid-February.

As you can also see, the stock has been under moderate consolidation over the past few weeks, so we’re going to be very interested to track this play for what could very well be a significant rebound.

In terms of share structure, GOHE also has a reasonably low float, with a low average volume. That means that a relatively small amount of buying pressure can really send it for a ride.

We’ll be looking for the stock to maintain support in or above the channel between the current 200DMA of .0185 and recent support at .02 on any further pullbacks.


This morning, the company came out with some exciting news as well:

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 5, 2017 / Global Payout, Inc. (OTC PINK: GOHE) (the “Company”) announced today that following a meeting of its board members, the Company has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, MoneyTrac Technology, will be spun-out into a standalone company as a means of strengthening its current and future position within the alternative banking sector where it will provide financial technology services to businesses and companies in under-served industries that are often considered “high-risk.”

Following the spin-out, the Company will maintain majority interest in MoneyTrac and will provide the licensing services for the software and technology that MoneyTrac will use to service its clients and which will also provide a revenue stream to the Company. (>>View Full PR)


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