Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PZOO Update, Bottom-Plays & More

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We’ve been keeping close track of PZOO over the past couple of weeks; our regular readers will recall our last mention of the stock back on the 18th, when we called attention to the formation of  a double bottom on the chart. We suggested it was time to begin monitoring the stock heavily for a potential recovery and it began just a few days later.

PZOO ultimately found support at the .0032-level, and over the course of the ensuing five sessions, bounced its way back to .0058, marking an 81% swing.

We’ve provided a video highlighting some of the key aspects of the PZOO Chart and what to look for moving forward:

Direxion Daily Nat Gas Bull 3X ETF (GASL)

We flagged GASL, a triple-leveraged ETF for natural gas bulls, as a potential bottom-play in yesterday’s premarket report, and it went on to make a respectable intraday move.

GASL started out its daily range from a low of 4.88 and ran into the close, hitting a high of 6.08. That gave traders the chance at banking up to a solid 25% in profits on the day.

Possible Bottom-Plays

Speaking of potential bottom-plays, we’re taking notice of a couple of related stocks with strikingly similar charts that have been beaten back to annual lows, and begun to show signs of a recovery this week.

LINN Energy, LLC (LINE) & Linn Co, LLC (LNCO)

LNCO is a publicly traded subsidiary of LINE, which explains the similarity of the charts and suggests that each will continue to mirror the other. We’re going to keep watch over this linked pair in coming sessions for the possibility of a protracted rebound.