AQLV, MJNA, SCXN & Extended Watchlist


Aqualiv Technologies, Inc. AQLV

After six consecutive days of gains, it seems that AQLV was due for a consolidation. The stock pulled back to .0068 on Tuesday, before rebounding to .009. To keep our interest, AQLV will need to maintain a support level of at least .0075.

Regardless of future action, AQLV has provided us with nearly 500% in cumulative gains over the past week, so we are marking this one down in the books as a win.



Medical Marijuana, Inc. MJNA

We’ve been following MJNA and other medical marijuana plays since early this fall, when the issue was a hot topic during elections, giving a boost to investor interest.

The stock was trading in the .07-range when we first alerted it, before pushing as high as .16, gaining 126% back in November. It then came back to find support in the .07’s in the early part of December. Recently we’ve seen MJNA break through both the 20 & 50DMA’s and has been steadily increasing to current levels.

As you can see on the annotated chart below, conditions are looking rise for MJNA to continue its recent upward trend, with key resistance coming in at .162..


Scout Exploration, Inc. SCXN

We first focused on SCXN back on December 17th, after which time we observed a low of .15. By the last week of December the stock was trading in the .23-range, and since the beginning of the year it has broken back above the 20DMA (.28), holding above that level.

We saw a high of .35 yesterday, marking an increase of 133% from the stock’s fifteen-cent low in under a month, though we think that could just be the tip of the iceberg. Once we see a break of the previous high of .39, things could really get interesting.

SCXN Video Chart (01/10/13)

SCXN Corporate Profile Video


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