Afternoon Update

Regency Resources Inc. RSRS

Yesterday, we showed up early to the party on RSRS, and today, following our pre-market mention,  we saw a gap-up to 1.22. We then saw a subsequent dip to 1.09 to fill the gap,and the stock is again challenging new highs. Currently trading above 1.20, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it continue to push the envelope into the close.

In all, from our original alert price, gains of 30% were made possible already.

WebSafety, Inc. WBSI

WBSI hit a high of .087 today, marking max gains of 625% from our original flag at .012.

With the kind of momentum and exposure this play has seen of late, it is difficult to ascertain when this money train could jump the tracks.


IC Places, Inc. ICPA

We alerted this stock in January as it hit its absolute bottom at .0008, and once again on April 10th at .0025.

The stock hit .0092 this afternoon. The total gains made on ICPA range from 268%-1050%.


Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc. DUTV

DUTV opened at .0012 today, saw a low of .0007, and hit a high of .0022.

Extremely savvy traders were able to flip this stock for a single-day gain of up to 214% Nothing at which to sneeze!