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WebSafety, Inc. WBSI

Why are we so excited about today’s new interest? We always get jazzed up when we run across a stock that has such a convincing story backing it up. WebSafety’s product fills a real need for parents in a world where children’s mobile phone usage often begins to go unchecked.

How many times have we heard about auto accidents that were caused by texting-while-driving? There are still many places where this is not technically against the law, thus it is something that still happens all the time. WebSafety provides a solution for concerned parents, as well as peace of mind, by disabling a phone user’s ability to text from a moving vehicle.

What about instances of bullying that occur in today’s schools and online using mobile technology? Cyber-bullying, as it has come to be called, has proven its potential to be every bit as deadly as texting-while-driving, and WebSafety has a solution for that as well.

Now parents who desire a greater measure of control over their child’s mobile usage can rest easily. WebSafety can not only save your child from getting hurt, but it can save their life.

Apart from an exciting model and product, WBSI has its selling points on the stock side of things as well.

The stock hit a low of .0019 toward the end of February, and within one month’s time, ended up trading all the way up to .0348. That’s a monstrous gain of 1732%

Yesterday, the stock retraced to a new low since that recent high, which is why we’ve picked a good time to observe this stock. It bounced off of yesterday’s low of .014, to close as .025, for a nice intraday gain of 79%. Knowing that these are the kinds of moves of which WBSI is capable, only furthers our excitement , and anticipation of what’s to come.

OTCMarkets is currently reporting the total number of Shares Outstanding as: 84,241,262 a/o 12/21/11. This is a relatively attractive share structure, when considering the price range of the stock.

WBSI is also receiving a “Strong Buy” Rating at BARCHART.COM

WebSafety, Inc. is a leading provider of mobile phone and computer software solutions that prevent texting, emailing and web browsing while driving, incidents of cyber-bullying as well as explicit or degrading texting, sexting issues, and unlawful Internet behavior such as cyber-predators.

The new WebSafety online parental monitoring solution is offered as a $7.99 monthly subscription, activated from the company’s website (), available as a free download. WebSafety supports Android-based phones and RIM BlackBerry  phones, with future support planned for iPhone and iOS devices, and Windows-based devices.

WebSafety is also licensed and distributed by WQN Inc. (Pink Sheets:WQNI) through their brand RatedSafe(TM).

More Information at: www.websafety.com