More Big SPY Gains

More Big SPY Gains

First thing’s first today, we must once again update the figures on our SPY Calls from Monday, which have been making gains all week long to this point. So just as we did yesterday, we’ll highlight the new highs reached on those ideas.

SPY Weekly $323-324 Calls
: 3.30-10.13 (+123%)
$324: 2.71-9.19 (+141%)

We also rolled up and offered some targets at a higher strike price to more closely match the activity from the stock. Those were the SPY Weekly $332-334 Calls and all four of the contracts we highlighted there, produced single-session gain opportunities.

 Weekly $332-334 Calls
: 1.02-2.01 (+123%)
$332.50: .81-1.67 (+141%)
$333: .63-1.36 (+123%)
$334: .36-.84 (+141%)

The Walt Disney Co. DIS

We also formulated an idea for the DIS chain yesterday morning, zeroing in on the DIS Weekly $144-145 Calls, and we got instant results from those two contracts as well. That;s actually a bit of an understatement, as the multi-bag moves we saw have been some of our best in the month of February so far. 

DIS Weekly $144-145 Calls
: .17-.71 (+123%)
$145: .12-.51 (+141%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
BMY Weekly $66.50-68 Calls
SNY Weekly $50-52 Calls
EL 02/21 $220 Calls
TSLA Weekly $720-710 Puts