CSOC, MILV, PROT – Today’s Stocks

Caduceus Software Systems Corp. CSOC


Mistral Ventures, Inc. MILV

We released CSOC as a momentum alert on Nov. 7th. Since that time, we caught a low at .054, meaning today’s high of .09 represents a 66% gain in just four days’ time.


We had previously drawn parallels between CSOC and our last momentum play, MILV, noting that “We are not getting impatient with CSOC, as sometimes it takes several days for many of our plays to develop as in the case of MILV.” -Our Newsletter for Nov.9th


We promise, we don’t have the power to see the future, it just seems that way sometimes!


We first alerted MILV at .055, followed by a dip to .047, subsequently hitting a high of .142. That’s a total possible gain of 202% during a process which took about two weeks.  At present, our alert of CSOC is only about four days old, thus the next week and a half will tell the story of how close CSOC can come to MILV’s accomplishment.



Proteonomix, Inc. PROT

We are seldom late to the party, and in the case of PROT, it appears we are a bit early. A reader pick, PROT, has the look of a stock that could rock at any moment. At the moment, things are pretty quiet, but with this technically sound chart, any small amount of buying pressure could kick into motion one heck of a run.