CSOC, MILV, EXTO – Hot Stocks Today

Caduceus Software Systems Corp. CSOC

CSOC traded just as we predicted in yesterday’s report. There was a small premarket gap up from .071 to .072, followed by a dip to .0623 followed by a close at .069 for an 11% intraday gain.


We are not getting impatient with CSOC, as sometimes it takes several days for many of our plays to develop as in the case of MILV.


BIRMINGHAM, England, Nov 08, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Caduceus Software Systems Corp. (OTCBB: CSOC) – (The Company) is pleased to announce that it will be offering a 30-day Free trial of the Caduceus MMS Software System to 1,000 specially chosen customers in the medical community of the UK.


These customers will have the option of purchasing the fully licensed version of the software after the completion of the complimentary 30-day trial.


Using this newly proposed marketing strategy will prove very beneficial to Caduceus Software Systems (CSOC). The goals CSOC plans to achieve using this strategy include a complete marketing survey outlining retention and licensing statistics.



Mistral Ventures, Inc. MILV

MILV was trading at .055 when we introduced it to our our readers as a momentum play. Following the alert, it hit a high of .0739 (+34%), before dipping back to .047.


We continued to cover the play, and have now witnessed a new high as the stock traded on up to .142 yesterday! That’s an added 202% percent on top of the 34% on the first swing, bringing our total gains for this stock to 236% in just under two weeks. Very impressive.


Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO has undergone a consolidation after its run from .004 to .0082, now resting at a base of .006.


The stock has shown us its ability to rattle off explosive gains, and quite rapidly at that, so one must keep a watchful eye to catch the next wave. We will of course monitoring and reporting its status to you as always.