BUCS, AGCZ & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Business Continuity Solutions Inc. BUCS

BUCS was first added to our watchlist a week ago today, as a bottom bounce play. We noticed the RSI recovering off of being slightly oversold, as well as a hint of a turnaround showing in the MACD.

At that time the PPS sat at just .025. Yesterday, the stock saw trades going off at .033, marking a 32% uptick in a week’s time. We notice that the bid support on this play is growing stronger, in the mid-to-high .02’s.

Last year, the stock was used to trading in the .05-.08, and has been as high as .055 as recently as Jan. 26th, leading us to believe that at the current PPS is in a good range to see additional upside.

Andes Gold Corp. AGCZ

AGCZ has been on a steady uptrend this month, making higher lows and higher highs. On Thursday, the stock was up another 33% on the highest volume it has seen in over a year, yet there has been no recent announcements from the company.

With all of the volume that has begun to flow through AGCZ, we want afford it a spot on our watchlist moving forward, as the added activity could be a catalyst for added gains, should the momentum persist.

Today’s Extended Watchlist:

Explortex Energy, Inc. EXPX

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO


America West Resources, Inc. AWSR