Blue Horseshoe Stock Report for 08/09/11

Special Note: Tumultuous times are upon us as the markets have been taking an absolute beating. Yesterday’s dip in foreign markets foreshadows continued hardship for the US, however, we aren’t going to become fiscal hermit crabs every time everyone else tries to bury their heads in the sand. We press on, we move forward.

eMax Holdings Corp. EMXC

EMXC is doing just fine regardless of the troublesome markets, so we can only imagine how it would be doing amid more favorable conditions

We were accurate in our assumption that the stock would break its resistance at .0019, hitting a high of .0024 yesterday, more than 500% percent greater than its price at the time of our original alert.

We are next looking to see .0019, the previous level of resistance, be converted into our new support level, as new heights become possible for this stock. Our outlook remains positive.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO fell to its support in the low .005’s yesterday, and bounced. We want to monitor to make sure the PPS doesn’t try to creep below that level. We are anxiously anticipating new press outlining some more details/results of the company’s recently undertaken foray into gold production.

Uncertainties in the markets aside, the price of gold isn’t going anywhere but up. In fact, in a CNBC report, JP Morgan is reportedly calling for the price of gold to reach $2500 by year’s end.

Dinewise, Inc. DWIS

DWIS has begun to see some light volume trickling in over the past week or so, maintaining higher highs and higher lows. As we’ve stated previously, DWIS has a miniscule float, which will make for some interesting price action on an even a negligible surge in buying.

This stock will likely remain on our radar for the remainder of 2011 and on into 2012, much like OPRX.

 OptimizeRx Corp. OPRX

OPRX is the real long term play that we may not tire from mentioning, possible for years to come. The arc of this company’s trajectory moving forward is pointed in a really positive direction. SampleMD has a real chance to crack into the insanely fast-growing electronic prescriptions industry, and take a sizable piece of the pie for itself. We couldn’t be more jazzed up about where we feel this stock is headed.

Those of you who STILL have yet to check out our OPRX Report, an excellent jumping off point for due diligence on this play, we urge you to please do so now. We aren’t being paid to suggest you look at OPRX, we simply don’t want to feel the guilt if others miss out on this thing when it goes viral.

The proof is in the pudding. As the stock dipped down to 1.10 yesterday, we were in there soaking up shares. As panic ensues around us, we remain calm, and view it as little more than a chance to be opportunistic.

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