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New Colombia Resources, Inc. NEWC – Special Report

The topic of this morning’s special report is New Colombia Resources, a company which interests us for a number of reasons, not least of which being the set-up of the current chart. But before we take a look at NEWC from the technical side, we’re going to go over various aspects of its diverse business that we also feel make this an attractive stock.

NEWC actually qualifies as both a medical marijuana and a mining play. It isn’t often that we find a company with a dual focus that has a solid foundation built for all aspects of its business, but that certainly seems to be the case here.

Coal Mining

In terms of its resource-mining projects, NEWC is focused primarily upon metallurgical coal reserves. Metallurgical coal is used for the production of steel, silicone, and all manner of other specialty metallurgical materials.

This spring, the company was approved for, and paid all required taxes on a 2900-acre mining concession by the National Mining Agency of Colombia (>>View PR).  It added considerable acreage to the company’s already expansive metallurgical coal properties, including the La Tabaquera Project, which holds an estimated 17M tons of coal. Additionally, per a recent announcement, New Colombia was furnished with a Letter-of-Intent from a major Chinese construction company, which pledges upwards of $200M toward the development of the 2900-acre concession. (>>View PR)

The enormous new concession is also located less than 7 miles from the Ruta Del Sol, a new ‘mega-road’ which connects the Colombian interior to its coast, simplifying and economizing the transportation of raw materials for purposes of exportation.

In fact, most of the metallurgical coal that is imported and used in the US comes from Colombia. In certain areas of the eastern and southern US, it’s actually cheaper to import the material across the Caribbean from Colombia than it is to obtain and ship it overland from domestic sources, and NEWC has itself positioned to take advantage of this dynamic. The company believes its reserves to consist, at least in part, of what is known as Blue Gem coal, a high quality, desirable type found only along the KY-TN border here in the US, and in Colombia.

Medical Marijuana

The other major aspect of NEWC is its Sannabis subsidiary’s involvement in the cannabis sector, which as all of our readers are aware, is a burgeoning space that we value highly. The company’s interests are purely on the medicinal side of things, with no current plans to branch into the recreational market.

For the time being, their business in this arena is limited to Colombia, but there they offer a wide range of cannabis-derived products for medical marijuana patients, via their online store, and in select outlets across the country. These products include, but are not limited to, cannabis oil blends, relaxants, and pure cannabis extracts of both the Indica and Sativa varieties  (>>View Sannabis Products).

Perhaps most impressive are the company’s profit margins on these products, which range from roughly 260-2100%. These figures are possible because of the company’s extremely low production cost on cannabis. At just over $33 a pound, NEWC has lower production costs than any US-based outfit possibly could. In fact, the costs associated with producing marijuana-based products is cheaper in Colombia than anywhere else on Earth!

The company will also be rolling out a book entitled Doctor Cannabis  with the help of a branch of Grupo Planeta, the world’s largest spanish-language international publisher. The book will focus on the human body’s reaction to medical marijuana, and received contributions from Sannabis’ scientific advisor, Dr. Robert Melamede, Ph.D,  with the dual purpose of both educating the public on the healing properties of marijuana, as well as bringing brand awareness to Sannabis’ product line.

CEO John Campo has stated his company’s intent to bring a new level of affordability to American medical marijuana markets with Sannabis’s 100% Colombian-grown products. We’ll be certain to stay tuned for future updates on this particular subject as well as everything else that NEWC has cooking at the moment!

NEWC Chart:

On top of the above-mentioned aspects, NEWC also has a solid chart that we’d like the look of regardless of the company’s backstory.

As you can see on the chart below, the PPS recently broke past the 50DMA(.017) and has held support above the 200DMA(.011) on all of its recent pullbacks. If NEWC were to retest May’s swing high of a nickel, that would represent gains of 150% from Friday’s closing price of .02. Even a retrace back to .03 would equate to a 50% move from the current level.

We’ve also provided a video presentation of the current chart for your viewing convenience:


You can check out a clip from a recent feature of Sannabis that was all over the news in Colombia, here: Watch Video

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