Blue Horseshoe Penny Stock Report – EXTO, – 8/30

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

We are proud to say that EXTO lit up the boards on Monday. Our alert was almost immediately followed by the announcement that the company would be reducing its number of Authorized Shares by more than 70% EXTO had a slight gap up this morning to a high of .0109, which was followed by a pullback to its support level of .009, where it’s beginning to experience some bounce action.

This consolidation is to be expected after yesterdays nice run; EXTO trades in a predictable manner each time we see a nice surge, there seems to be a period of consolidation where the stock retraces to form a new base at higher levels of support, which we like to see.

Our new level of support is in the .009 range, with resistance at yesterdays high of .011.